Hostgator vs WP Engine (October 2018) – Which is the Best?

hostgator vs wpengine

WordPress, a place which is home to many ideas, feelings, thoughts and geniuses. A place which grows bigger as we speak and makes places for all those who need a sanctuary to lay down their demons.

Now, we have two great competitors here one you have very commonly heard about, it is also linked to WordPress directly. Yes, none other than the WP Engine and it directly in war with HostGator.

We all know what HostGator holds and where does it stand. Yet, let us have look on the details between Hostgator vs WP Engine.

Hostgator vs WPEngine Uptime Report

Uptime reports compared to Hostgator vs WPEngine are very similar the reason being hostgator is known for its uptime worldwide while WPEngine has to only deal with wordpress sites therefore they are much more focused about different parameters such as uptime, speed and security of website hosted on their servers.

Hostgator vs WPEngine Features

Let’s start with the features Hostgator vs WP Engine have to offer us. First, both the companies provide hosting as for WP Engine, we know that it naturally hosts WordPress but HostGator also supports WordPress and hosting is available for it. But, do not be fooled here because the feature do vary and the biggest is the Control Panel of both hosting services.

WPEngine Control Panel

The user control panel for WPEngine is very specific and is targeted for wordpress only and is very simple to use as we speak since we know that it only supports wordpress and has not got alot of options that can confuse a beginner level user. Here is a view of user’s dashboard for WPengine backend panel:

wpengine control panel

Hostgator Control Panel

HostGator has been famous for its cPanel because it is not only user friendly but also very easy to use. With just a few simple clicks the software is installed without any hassle.

hostgator cpanel

On the other hand the control panel offered by WP is their own creation and is opposite to what HostGator is giving. Hostgator vs WP Engine the control panel is fair and square won by HostGator.

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Hostgator vs WPEngine Pricing

hosting vs wpengine prices and features

Now, WPEngine has been in the market for more than several years and is taken as thr PRO when handling and hosting WordPress.

Which means it would also have plans for the users to suit their needs. Which in turn would end up making more business for WP but that is not the case. WPEngine starts with Personal Plan with costs 29$ a month and gives a WordPress install with a 60 days money back guarantee.

On the other hand, HostGator has three most beautiful plans with even cuter names, Hatchling, Baby and Business. Hatchling is 3.96$ a month, Baby is 6.36$ a month and Business is 10.36$ a month. Further more, all regular users for years now get a 5% discount on this price as well and if this was not enough it also gives you Google advertising credits which are worth 100$.

Comparison AttributeHostgatorWPEngine
Plan NameHatchlingPersonal
Disk SpaceUnlimited10 GB Storage Space
Domains Allowed11
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorWPEngine
Plan NameBabyProfessional
Disk SpaceUnlimited20 GB Storage Space
Domains AllowedUnlimited 10
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorWPEngine
Plan NameBusinessBusiness
Disk SpaceUnlimited30 GB Storage Space
Domains AllowedUnlimited25
Free Private SSLYesYes

So this clearly means that even though HostGator is younger to WPEngine it still is offering plans which beat WPEngine easily. HostGator in addition to all these pricing plans offers a 45 day money back guarantee and this means that if you are not satisfied in the first 45 days you get a full refund of your money. Hostgator vs WP Engine this round goes to HostGator.

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Hostgator vs WPEngine Speed

hosting vs wpengine speed test

Hostgator vs WP Engine the speed test and we will satisfy your curiosity easily goes to HostGator. After a couple of tests for the initial users we found some results which were astonishing, an 18% faster result was seen in HostGator although the speed given by WP was good enough but when you are getting something 18% faster you definitely would want to go fast.

WPEngine Speed Test Results

wpengine speed test

Hostgator Speed Test Results

pingdom test hostgator

Speed test with wordpress installed on Hostgator and WPEngine

wordpress logo

We specially installed wordpress on both servers including Hostgator and WPEngine and were astonished to know that the WPEngine enlightening wordpress only for their hosting service, were superfast in loading a wordpress site as they have already optimized it for speed from every aspect.

However, we believe that with proper optimizations, hostgator hosting can also provide with such results and be able to compete with a strong fight.

Over the period of a month we tested speed with regular intervals and all throughout those four days the speed test was won by HostGator because WPEngine only supports wordpress and is optimized just for it instead of having multiple optimizations for different scripts such as online forum scripts, Joomla,  Drupal, Opencart etc.

Therefore, it would be straight forward to say for Hostgator vs WP Engine the speed is with HostGator.

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Hostgator vs WPEngine Technical Support

Hostgator vs Wpengine customer support

For a successful online business the most important or you can say the key factor is the technical support. If it fails even a single time the results can be disastrous and this is what we try and do on our behalf as well.

As an online hosting service provider, Hostgator vs WP Engine the technical support was tested. Now, both gave amazing support when asked but WP Engine fails because it only provides support from 9 to 6pm, the question rose that what if you need support in later hours.

Here, HostGator came and it provided support round the clock with quality remarks and proper understanding. It almost felt like being treated as royalty and we do not kid when we say that. Hostgator vs WP Engine, the technical support team at HostGator can stand proudly.

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Hostgator vs WPEngine Reliability

hosting reliability

So far I believe we all have decided that in Hostgator vs WP Engine, HostGator has been winnign so far but we would also like to tell you that WP Engine is also reliable.

Yes, it does have a difficult to understand cPanel and the pricing plans are somewhat not the users budget but it does not crash as the others in the market do.

It is a somewhat stable platform for WordPress users and can hold onto it’s own when needed. But let us also not forget that HostGator stands on its own not when needed but always. It gives that constant reliability that means that whenever you need it the most it will be there without any problems and issues.

All you need to do is login, use and enjoy your work displayed out to the world. Not once, does the HostGator in Hostgator vs WP Engine let you down and makes you think twice about your decision to choose it in the first place.

As the ending lines all we would like to say is that we have compared HostGator in several different ways and with several different hosting companies.

In every way it has been a reliable hosting service which has worked in every way possible. In Hesitator vs WP Engine, HostGator has been winning hearts for years now and will keep on doing so.

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