Hostgator vs iPage (October 2018) – Which is the best?

Among the contenders who challenge Hostgator over and over again there is now a new one is the field and that is iPage. iPage is not fairly new in the market but has a lot to learn from all the previous hosting companies that have been around for a while now.

Hostgator, has been spending a major part of its income in making sure that the hosting service they provide lasts throughout the subscription period of a customer.

Hostgator vs iPage Performance Test

Hostgator Server ProcessorsIn our review of Hostgator vs iPage let’s start with the performance report. The overall performance of a hosting company matters a lot because it decides whether a customer will go with your hosting service or choose your competitor.

Now may it be a year, six months or maybe even more than twenty. Now if someone spends this much of investment on making sure the performance runs smooth this means the company is worth spending money on.

Intel Xeon Quad Core Processors are being used by both hosting providers but in our review about Hostgator vs iPage, the Hostgator seems to have run it better.

Hostgator vs iPage Speed Test

When we talk about speed there have been people who have been taking regular test of both the companies to make sure that there is no false data or assumption when it comes to telling the truth to the customers.

First we ran the Pingdom Speed Test on Hostgator site and got the following results:

pingdom test hostgator

We ran the same test on iPage site and got the following results:

iPage Pingdom Speed test

Websites that have chosen Hostagtor as their hosting company have been loading websites 1.34 second and iPage has been loading them in about 1.44 seconds. So in our speed test for Hostgator vs iPage review the Hostgator is the winner. Now, Hostgator is also providing features that let you see how fast your website loads and where it gets you.

Visit HostgatorVisit iPage

When we talk about the load time of a website there naturally should be talk about the uptime of the website. Hence, several other tests tell that 99.9 % of all times Hostgator has been keeping a consistent uploading speed while on the other hand iPage has dropped its speed remarkably.

Hostgator Hosting Packages

822-4021-logoWe all are also familiar with the pricing plans Hostgator has to share with the world. The plans start with amazing names like “Hatchling”, this price plan is about 3.69 per month and gives you a single domain to work with. It has an unlimited bandwidth with a shared SSL Certificate and unlimited disk space.

Then comes the “Baby” plan which is 6.36 a month and gives you unlimited domains with the same features as Hatchling. The third is the Business, and it is 10.36 a month with the addition of a toll free number.

iPage Hosting Packages

ipage-logoWhen you look at iPage, the first plan is called “Shared” which starts with 1.89 a month and gives you unlimited domain, a free domain registration with unlimited data transfer, hosting space and free site lock security. The prices of iPage and NameCheap hosting are very reasonable.

The second plan is “VPS”, which is 19.99 a month to 79.99 a month. 1.4 Core CPU comes with 1 to 8 Ram and 40 to 120 GB storage space. The bandwidth is about 1 to 4 TB.

The third is “Dedicated” and unlike its name is 119.99 to 191.99 a month. It runs on Intel Xeon Processors with a 4Gb Ram to 16 GB. Bandwidth of 1 TB to 15 TB and storage space till 1000GB. I believe it is already evident that anyone would chose Hostgator over iPage any time.

Hostgator vs iPage Shared Hosting Comparison

Comparison AttributeHostgatoriPage
Plan NameHatchlingEssential
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains Allowed1Unlimited
Shared SSLYesNo

Hostgator vs iPage VPS Hosting Comparison

Comparison AttributeHostgatoriPage
Plan NameSnappy 500Basic
CPU0.5 core1 core
Disk Space25GB40GB

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Hostgator vs iPage Customer Support Comparison

customer supportCustomer Support is a different matter entirely. Hostgator has been serving its customer about 24/7 and 365 days a year. They have been providing nonstop support through call, emails and the response time is something that you would be amazed at.

Although, there is a long waiting time but that only because each and every single customer has been served and helped in every way possible. There has been no one who left without having their issues resolved.

Hostgator vs iPage Features Comparison

Hostgator vs iPage cpanelIn our features review between Hostgator vs iPage first we come to the Control Panel, Hostagtor control panel has been famous for all the user friendliness it can offer. It is easier to understand and it’s functions are much better than the rest in the market.

iPage has a vDeck which is complicated and not user friendly at all. It does not offer functionality like the other user control panels out there.

Hostgator vs iPage Free Giveaways

Hostgator and both iPage have also been giving free giveaway’s and that include,

Hostgator Offers

  • Instant Backup
  • $100 Google Ad words(*Initially we have to spend $25)
  • Free Word Press Installation
  • Dedicated IP
  • Zen Cart and Cube Cart
  • Free Toll Free Number(*Only with Business class Hosting)

iPage Offers

  • Marketing suite worth $300
  • Free site lock protection worth $100
  • Free word press Installation
  • Free domain registration for 1 year.

So, here you can chose clearly which one suits you better.

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Hostgator vs iPage – The Winner

The verdict is no surprise for all customers out there who are looking to buy themselves come hosting services because Hostagtor wins these rounds from anyone and everyone. From customer service to user friendliness. Hostgator has been providing satisfaction to customers all across the globe.

They effort, money and people they have been investing on their company only to make sure that customers do not have a reason to point at them at any given place is simply amazing.

They in reality are the kings of hosting services across the virtual world. More and simply more customers are signing up with them day in and out. The reason being they provide what they believe in and never lay claim to more than what they give. They worked around their motto of client satisfaction and are nor in the race of being one of the most customer satisfying company across the globe.

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