Hostgator vs InMotion (October 2018) – Who is Winner?

Hostgator vs Inmotion hosting review

The war is on between many web hosting companies and the winner completely depends on little rounds won. Millions of people need web hosting round the clock, as the day changes half of the globe sleeps the next half is up and ready to charge in for the best web hosting company.

The stakes are pretty high here as people are demanding. They demand a lot more than most companies can full fill hence we always land here for you to see which one has been satisfying its potential users the most. Also, which has been leading the market when it comes to pricing, features, speed and most importantly a user friendly control panel.

In this particular article, no surprise we have HostGator. A web hosting company which has been challenged time and again and still is standing here today for yet another round of web hosting title.

This time however the contender is InMotion Hosting, a slightly newer company in the market one which likes to challenge someone older than itself. Well, you the drill of this hosting war so let’s begin and see who wins. No Pun intended 😉

Hostgator vs InMotion Pro’s & Con’s

This time I am not going to go feature by feature rather I am going to take a different approach this time and that is the Pro’s and the Con’s of both the hosting companies. Much easier for most of you as you have been reading the reviews of HostGator all over the web.

When people review that there is no such thing as a perfect or best web hosting company it really annoys me. Reason being that there is always one that is suitable for all kinds of people from all walks of life. Hence, you cannot just randomly throw these sentences in air.

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HostGator vs Inmotion Hosting – Pricing Review

To begin with the price plan as that is most important to most of us when looking for hosting the feasibility of this hosting company is amazing. It starts off with Hatchling for all those amateur website developers or cooks, house wives etc. The plan is 3.96$ a month which is easily affordable all across the globe and not just to a part of the world. Imagine, how many users worldwide are they attracting with this price.

hosting prices and featuresThen comes in the Baby Plan, and I really smile when I say this because from a new website hatchling to a baby of several years the price is perfect. 6.36$ a month and you get some amazing additional features that can really help you.

Then when you are a pro at the website game you get 10.36$ a month which would be your official business plan and with this you get a toll free number for free and a private SSL & IP as well.

When we talk about the pricing InMotion went with calling it Business Class Hosting, a fancy name but the good part is that gives you a free domain name with the hosting plan.

The pricing is mostly advertised when you sign up for the two year mark up an thought the round would be that the pricing is higher than what you expect. However, for some people the pricing plan is affordable if you are not counting every cent you are spending.


Comparison AttributeHostgatorInMotion Hosting
Plan NameHatchlingLaunch
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains Allowed12
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorInMotion Hosting
Plan NameBabyPower
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains AllowedUnlimited 6
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorInMotion Hosting
Plan NameBusinessPro
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains AllowedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Private SSLYesNo

 InMotion Hosting also offers

Inmotion hosting features

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Control Panel

web hosting server performanceMoving on the control panel given to the user from HostGator is simply very very easy to handle. Yes, a person not much into technology can also use it as it was made with the sole intent of being user friendly.

Speed, when you talk about it you actually get to experience it as well because HostGator gives you the perfect excuse to be up online all the time because there is simply no delay in upload time.

The speed was tested for HostGator on numerous occasions and it satisfied every little corner of the mind every single time. The technical support provided by HostGator is simply superb, not only do they provide support round the clock but also make sure that it is resolved within the given time. There is not much of a problem with users when they came up to ask or repot something.

Talking about performance and realibility HostGator again makes sure that once you get connected through it on world wide web you do not regret your decision ever. It’s almost like you thinking that maybe there is still hope in the world for better things.

InMotion Hosting Analysis:

An independent running company from Los Angeles and is still in the growing phases, they have been good so far but need a long way to come. The market is tough and if you have deficiencies then you are going to pay a heavy price for it. InMotion is also providing a 90 day money back guarantee which is also working in its favour.

The flexibility however of the hosting company is also good enough. Nothing much to say as it does not provide remarkable flexibility. Also, the customer service is not much efficient when you go with your problems and queries, same goes with the speed. It was fairly decent but had a lot of issues. We can understand for a new company the bar is set pretty high and they have a lot to achieve.

Have a look around the web you would see that many have been in completion with HostGator and not that we have a deal with them but the important part is that they are ruling the market with affordable price plans, up to the demand support and speed. The three key factors that make you the hosting King.

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