Hostgator vs Dreamhost (October 2018) – Who wins?

Hostgator vs dreamhost

Imagine if you want a website that runs smoothly, uploads at the right time and gives you the maximum performance. Where would you go? Who would you choose as your web hosting company? Will the pricing be right? Would I get my money’s worth? How about the customer support if I run in trouble?

We can understand how all these questions can bug you for a simple website therefore we step in to give you a through comparison between Hostgator vs Dreamhost.

These are two of the most amazing webs hosting companies which the users have been using frequently.

Credibility of the two companiesDreamhost

Hostgator vs Dreamhost, the question comes of which is that one company that has been here before the other. The answer is not that the longer a hosting site is here the better it iHostgator smalls but the credibility of it increases as it is used much longer than the other. In Hostgator vs Dreamhost one has been since 1996 and was started off in Los Angeles.

Hostgator was found in 2002 and till date has had around 9 million websites to its name. Which shows that both the companies have been providing webhosting for more than a decade and users have been satisfied with them.

Uptime Report

Talking about the uptime report for hostgator vs dreamhost seem to be very interesting. For the hostgator, we have the same data points as mentioned in our in depth comparison review of Hostgator vs BluehostBut dreamhost seems to remain stabilized  for the uptime monitoring test that we performed with a minor fluctuations and a bit of downtime in their some of the servers. Please note that these graphs are without the inclusion of data for the maintenance modes by the hosting providers. Here are the results:

Result: It can be clearly seen in the above graph that Hostgator once reaching the maximum uptime of 99.99% hardly falls but the Dreamhost servers fluctuate a bit in a few months which is therefore negligible.

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Server Specifications

So far in Hostgator vs Dreamhost the lead is been taken by Hostgator as it has been providing it’s users with multiple options in each category.

Hostgator Server Specification

Hostgator Server ProcessorsSo in Hostgator vs Dreamhost the reliable website turns out to be Hostgator as it runs on Dual Xeon servers which are based in Dallas. No expense has been spared to bring these data centres up to date with the latest technology.

Dreamhost Server Specification

Dreamhost Server ProcessorBut when you look at Dreamhost from Hostgator vs Dreamhost it is not bad either in this department. It runs on an AMD processor which is made to be efficient and even has Quad core options to work with. Hence, Hostgator vs Dreamhost the match stays equal in this category.

Speed test

Speed test for Hostgator vs Dreamhost stays the same like the rest of the departments where Hostgator takes the lead and makes sure that it stays a minimum of 50% faster than any other web hosting service. That alone is the reason why people have been making a total of 9 million on this hosting site.

Dreamhost Speed Test Results

Here are the exclusive results for the loading time of the dreamhost site:

Dreamhost Speed Test

Hostgator Speed Test Results

Below are the loading time results for the Hostgator:

pingdom test hostgator

Customer Support

Hostgator vs dreamhost customer supportCustomer Support, one of the core ingredients of a webhosting company and in Hostgator vs Dreamhost the obvious lead is for Hostgator as it has been providing free telephone service and live chat support online for as long as its been functioning.

The support is provided round the clock and it not only has been solving issues but has been getting back at people and making sure that the loyal user base increases.

On the other hand Dreamhost comes as a disappointment and in this sweet little Hostgator vs Dreamhost competition the winner gets to be Hostgator.

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Pricing and features

Let us have a look at the pricing and the features that are available in Hostgator vs Dreamhost.

Comparison AttributeHostgatorDreamhost
Plan NameHatchlingShared Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains Allowed11
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorDreamhost
Plan NameBabyWordpress Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains AllowedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Private SSLNoNo

Comparison AttributeHostgatorDreamhost
Plan NameBusinessVirtual Private Server
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains AllowedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Private SSLYesYes

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Hostgator starts it’s three basic plans with the name Hatchling Plan, to which I would say is a sweet name for the initial users. Then the Baby Plan and follows this is the Business Plan.

Coming to our second contestant in Hostgator vs Dreamhost we have Dreamhost which has just one plan and that does not even give you the option to pay on a per month basis. Meaning that you would have to pay a year’s hosting in advance whether you would want to continue or not. For users choosing between Hostgator vs Dreamhost the obvious choice would be Hostgator.

User Interface

Let’s talk about the most important part of the challenge Hostgator vs Dreamhost. The user interface is one place where the judgement of these websites is actually the final verdict. The user panel in other words the control panel has been evolved into a much simpler form for all those people who are not at all technical.

Here are some features that can easily be accessed using the Hostgator user interface and can help you install several scripts with just a single click:

hastgator additional features

So when a random layman goes to use it, turns out to be a simple button and click panel. Hostgator vs Dreamhost, the second company fails to be this simple for it’s users. It is complicated and at the same time a huge disappointment for them.

My Verdict: The Winner

Hostgator vs Dreamhost, even though we have laid out all the details and made sure that you understand each and everything before buying from either of the companies. We would personally recommend you from Hostgator vs Dreamhost the obvious choice. Hostgator by far has been the most satisfying web hosting service for all the users across the globe.

No inch of the globe has been left unattended and this alone makes Hostgator win in Hostgator vs Dreamhost dual.

A web hosting company has to be the best and pro active when it comes to satisfying the users. Hence, Hostagtor vs Dreamhost you have the answer!

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